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The Big Gimper:
Alan Waffentrager 88mm SP gun on Praga chassis ORIGINALLY 26.80. THEN 14.99. NOW BEING CLEARED!!! 9.99

Good WHIF fodder?

The Big Gimper:
Arba 'Kurt' German bouncing bomb test WAS 4.99. NOW BEING CLEARED!!! HALF PRICE!!! 2.08.

The Big Gimper:
They have the Revell ex-MPM Meteor Mk.4 on sale for $8.01. I have some already. Great kit.


The Big Gimper:
They have the Valom B-26 Marauder 22nd BG with decals for Langley, Virginia 1941 and Australia, February 1942 WAS 33.19. TEMPORARILY UNDER HALF PRICE!!!

Manufacturer:    Valom
Code Number:    VAL72043
Scale:    1:72 Scale
Item type: Aircraft kits (injection)
Price:    US $18.50

The Big Gimper:
Hannants just added a gross of 1/35 scale kits to their Special Offers. I don't know if the prices are the best. FYI.

This link will get you the list.


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