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The Big Gimper:
Hello from Freightdog,

We are offering a 10% discount on website kit sales from today until midnight on 31st October. This applies to complete kits only on the website, excluding items that are already discounted in the offers section (so no further discount to what is shown on offer items). Minimum order to obtain the discount is £10.00 worth of non-offer items. Discount will not apply to decals or resin sets.

To access the discount simply add the coupon code 'KITS10' on the payment information page when you check out.

Thank you and Happy Halloween!

The Big Gimper:
Hi everyone,

After nearly six years of running Freightdog as my main income, I decided to go back in full time employment during November. Freightdog is continuing but now as a part time concern. As Iím doing shift work, my show attendance will be reduced in 2016. Iím still hoping to attend some shows, including Cosford, Southern Expo and Telford, but others will have to fit around my roster, and will be treated more like social events. As a consequence of my career change any orders done through my website might take a bit longer to process, I will endeavour to turnaround orders as promptly as I can, but reduced stock levels might mean items being cast to order in some cases. I am maintaining and growing my relationship with Hannants, and suggest overseas buyers use them if they show the items in stock, taking advantage of not having to pay VAT from outside the EU. I will remain UK stockist for High Planes, I have more stock coming from them later this week. I also hope to develop my Pegasus range along the same lines as High Planes. There will also be collaboration with my good friend Dave Little of Combat Decals, to get some of his long promised sets available under the Freightdog brand. 

Lastly, I still have a problem with the contact me page of my website, I am receiving messages, but have no record of the email address they come from, so if anyone has emailed me via the website in the last month and not got a reply, itís nothing personal! Please email me via the forum, or at Freightdog (at) btopenworld (dot) com.

Thanks for your custom in the past, I look forward to supplying you with new items in 2016, albeit it at a reduced pace. These include the long awaited Westland Wasp carefully crafted by my faithful sidekick Jon Davies, which will finally make an appearance next year.


The Big Gimper:
Note from Colin:

I'm having a small project plane sale, with up to 20% off various 1/72 sets including the P.177K complete kit, Canberra P.12, Hunter P.1130, Lightning P.23 Genie equipped and Lightning FGA proposal (mock up illustrated with Bullpups, my set has N.1 bombs instead). Available for a limited time on the Freightdog website. Thanks.

Saw that, may need to check the balance on the only credit card SWMBO doesn't get statements for.

The Big Gimper:

--- Quote from: Volkodav on February 04, 2016, 11:17:22 AM ---.... the only credit card SWMBO doesn't get statements for.

--- End quote ---

An absolute must in our business. But I also need to get to the mailbox first before before my daughter does. She's now my "unofficial" stash manager and I am not in her good books.  :-[


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