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--- Quote from: GTX_Admin on August 14, 2022, 03:01:53 AM ---Another idea:  given 2023 represents the 50th anniversaries of both the Yom Kippur War and of the first flight of the IAI Kfir, how about an Israeli Defence Force GM?

--- End quote ---

I like it  :smiley:

A slight variation might be the 1973 war more generally - ie: not just the IDF but also their opponents (and what-if potential participants)?


The Big Gimper:
Given today's passing of the Queen, how about a GB where you can build anything that was introduced and in service during her 70 year reign.

The Queen of all group builds!

That would cover a lot of stuff! Maybe all the military vehicles she trained on for starters?

Or maybe from the year of her coronation, 1952.


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