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Antarctic E-100

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Dr. YoKai:
 Just about there - I'm still on the fence about adding figures. The base needs a bit of 'splash' where the water meets the ice, and the frame needs
 tidying up, but this should be done by the coming weekend. Thanks for looking in.
 DSCF0446 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

DSCF0445 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

Old Wombat:

Dr. YoKai:
Off the fence and into the Aves - I decided to try sculpting a  Bazooka team from the Royal Madagascar Marines...

DSCF0464 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

Old Wombat:
WOH! :icon_surprised:

Penguins are looking awesome, Craig! 8)

The ice and water look great! Mighty precarious position for such a heavy tank, though.


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