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Best I put up or shut up in this GB.

Trumpeter 1/35 E50 Standard Panzer. Another of the injection releases that killed off some Resin kits. Been in the stash for quite a few years, so this is the perfect GB for this vehicle to get it done.

Had a fair run at it today, being Good Friday and a fairly viceless kit as far as construction goes. Went together swiftly so far and enough detail in the box for an OOB build to be satisfying.

I do however hold grave fears about the tracks, as after a test fit, they appeared a bit short. But as the running gear was still drying, I did not want to install them 100%. More on that later

Fairly simple build as an OOB construction project.
The tracks are ok, but very tight, which being rubber band type leads them to deform a bit. But serviceable enough

Took out a bit of track guard and perhaps look at a bit of stowage, but not too much. Textured up the cast mantlet parts.

Probably paint shop next

Looking good.  Interested to see what paint scheme you choose.

Old Wombat:
 :smiley: :smiley:

If I had the time I'd try to get a Centurion built (I think I have about 4 of the buggers) to balance out the E-50 & E-100. ;)

I can tick this one off.

Being an Out of the Box build, nothing added, just a few bits removed, so it really came down to a finishing exercise. Even that was pretty basic.
Went for a green scheme, seen something like as a profile for a Panther II... so close enough. But I am going back to bend that front guard, it does look a bit odd being straight. No idea how I
even missed that

The vehicle does like like a bit of a pinhead, as has been pointed out elsewhere, the chassis is basically the same size as a King Tiger, but with the smaller later Panther turret.
I suppose the concept of a fixed series of chassis design was a good theory.


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