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The term '46 is broad, very broad. The generally accepted premis that we are talking WW2 extended beyond the 1945 Historical timeline. This is fine and models for that scenario bang on subject with all the more advanced and sometimes funky research projects like Jets, V Weapons, and the like, be it Western Allies/Axis/Soviet, but also Japan/China even Soviet/Japan

But what about other options ?
Manhattan Project failed and the Pacific War continued onto Mainland China ?
Soviet Union attacks the Western Allies in Late '45 in Europe ?
Soviet Bloc moves against the Middle East or India ?
Indian Independence wasn't a peaceful process ?
What if a South American/Carribean bloc wanted control of the Panama Canal ?
Ok, perhaps a bit outlandish, but it might widen the scope from a pure WW2+ scenario.

Probably the latest time Period in scope would be 1948ish to keep the tech in some sort of context.

Guidelines for the '46 GB
1. Air, Sea and Aerospace, even Civilian subjects
2. Timeline 1 April 21 - 31 May 21
3. Extensions will be frowned upon, but who knows, let's wait and see
4. Re doing a pre-loved model would probably be acceptable by giving it a substantial makeover
5. Physical Models, Profiles and Digital art encouraged
6. There is no Rule six by long standing Bruce's Convention
7. Feel free to share your work with a build log, it certainly adds to the fun to see what others are doing
8. Let loose the creative juices and have fun producing wonderful stuff

Any questions let me know. First time at this so anything could happen.

Old Wombat:
To Brian:

Be prepared to be busy until kick off. :-\

Things quiet down quite quickly after that, when the building starts. ;)

Keep calm. :icon_meditation:

To the Contestants:

Stay mellow! :icon_music:

Don't take decisions personally, they're not! The Moderator interprets the Rules & applies them as he/she believes their intent to be. :))

Don't argue with the Moderator! Discuss, sure, but the Moderator's decision is final. If you think you could run it better ... Well, Greg would love to have you volunteer to moderate a GB! 8)

Enjoy yourself! ;D

Steve Blazo:
Would my E-100 be allowed, even tho I have been working on it on and off since 12/2020 ?

I had a plan to use Avrocar as a part of Operation Danube but it would be too late...


--- Quote from: Steve Blazo on March 25, 2021, 02:26:31 AM ---Would my E-100 be allowed, even tho I have been working on it on and off since 12/2020 ?

--- End quote ---

Any Pics of stage of completion ?

I am leaning toward a position that if it is just construction work, it would be ok. If this is a chance to get some shelf Queens off the shelf, why not.


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