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As some will have seen from my builds, they are either Sci-fi alternative SHADO builds or for a semi fictitious war between Honduras and a powerful Nicaraguan drug cartel. Firstly I will explain what the Honduras part of this is all about and the air land and sea weapons they use, and why and where they are from originally.
Honduras, in my timeline is getting a good kicking from an ever growing para military drug Cartel, hell bent on taking over as much of the countries around it as possible. The US government is very concerned about this and although it can't commit its frontline forces to help Honduras, it goes about it by using mothballed, retired, upgraded and in real life never used equipment. The Honduras airforce of which there is not a great deal left gets a substantial boost by the U.S and some other NATO countries. Some of the aircraft, are in this time line rebuilt or copied designs from times gone by, be it a new turbo prop engine instead of the piston one or a complete rebuild including composite materials and 21st century avionics. These aircraft were sourced from both military and civilian contractors, and they include a variety of different aircraft from different countries and time frames. The aircraft I have build so far include:
F-5e tiger upgrade 4's as done by Israel.
Mirage IV rebuilt as multi mission strike bomber, carrying ordnance externally.
Several Mirage 2000's of various marks and upgrades
Mirage F-1's
Dassault Raffale ex demonstrator aircraft, 2 single seat and a 2 seater.
Jet powered Grumman tracker, whisper quiet COIN/gun ship and close air support.
Turbo prop T28 COIN aircraft
Turbo prop A (P)-47 N COIN aircraft
Turbo prop Sky raider COIN and STOL specialist aircraft, as well as a high altitude electronic surveillance plane
BAe Canberra in flight refueling tanker
MR (B)-57  Canberra maritime patrol and anti ship aircraft
Turbo prop A-26 counter invader COIN/Gunship.
Turbo prop Ta-154 ELINT aircraft
Jet powered Pucara maritime patrol strike aircraft
F-84 converted to turbo prop COIN aircraft
Dassault Ouragon turbo prop COIN aircraft
Dornier Do 228 Electronic warfare platform
Douglas Skyknight Electronic warfare platform
T-33 forward control aircraft
Israeli rebuild and upgrade F-4 Phantom 3
Kaman seasprite gunship
MH-3 special ops armed troop carrier
Mangusta AH-3 H fully multi role attack/ air support
PAH-2 H same as above
Mitsubishi Mu, armed border patrol aircraft
NH-90 troop carrier/ medevac.
I have some more for this list and will add them when I can remember what they are.
Ground forces have also gained extra armour too, mainly from Germany and France, with a couple of specialist rebuild tanks from Israel.
These include;
V.A.B 4x4, some with anti tank capability.
Fuchs 6x6  also with armament options
Marder 1 APC's
Fenek reccon vehicles
Dingo light APC's
Luchs APC
AMX-30, up armoured and standard also SPAAG version
Leopard 1 and 2 various versions
PZH 2000
Panard AML 60/90 several versions of.
Gepard SPAAG
M60, several upgrade and engineering versions also.
I will add the U.S contingent another time as they are not all they might seem either, as they are a joint navy. marines CIA and DEA task force and they all use varying aircraft helicopters and vehicles. Then I have the details of the Cartel and its armed forces, which has its roots in the 1950's and with some escaped Nazi aero engineers.
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