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Ok folks,  time to vote on which Group Builds you would like to see in 2019.  I have put up all the suggestions proposed in the last 12mths.  See here for more info on each - starting at about Reply#332.  Also feel free to ask.  Please note that I may have merged a couple given they had similar or overlapping themes.

Poll will run for 2wks.  Each member gets 5 votes and you are able to change your mind if you so desire (e.g. to help whittle down the results if you se your preferred is not going anywhere).  Campaigning to get your favourites picked is allowed.

Plan is to have the first new GB start no later than 1st Feb 2019.

So many choices.  Overwhelming.  Must take list to my shrink !

Which candidate GB(s) does Slowy Jet best fit ?
It is a scale-o-rama. 
Does it best fit in "Weird Build" or "Tongue in cheek" ?
Or other ?

it could fit in multiple.

"Spirit of Thunderbirds", is that the aerobatic team or the TV show?


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