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The Wave:
Hello everyone!

I'm new here, I have come from, GTX recommended me the site awhile ago on there, and after checking this place out, it seems like a fun and imaginative place to be at, so I thought I'd join you guys. :)

I do a bunch of fictional vehicle profiles and scenes in a mixed pixel-art/digital style, here's some of my work!

Nice entry!

Yes: interesting inventions, thanks! :-*

The Wave:
Here's two mechs I did recently, for a fictional nation called "Esterna".

And here is a tank for another fictional nation, it is a combination of the Merkava IV and the Leopard 2 Next Gen/Revolution used by Singapore.

Finally, here is one more, a big one.

This is my attempt at turning the Caterpillar D11/Acco Super Bulldozer into an armored bulldozer, like the Caterpillar D9s the IDF uses. Here's also a quick scene to go with it.

Interesting works you got there,nice design for A200 Falcon.
...and yes,welcome aboard  :)


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