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Question re profilers GB for late 2016



As explained here the recent vote for the 2016 GB Calendar presented a slight issue in that one of the winning choices was for a Scaleorama GB.  This is an issue since, in my opinion, this could be difficult for profilers and story writers to participate in.  To overcome this, it is proposed that we run a parallel GB that will provide an option for profilers and story writers to participate in whilst the Scaleorama GB is running.  Please cast your vote in regard to the question posed above.

You only have a single vote though you can change it at any time up to the close of voting in 3wks time.

Please feel free to as questions if you wish too.


I assume that I don't have to worry about non-profilers deliberately voting for the "Don't need it - just play within the scaleorama GB" option just to spoil the fun for everyone.  If I find out that this is the case, action will be taken against those involved. C:-)

If you don't care just don't vote at all.

Though profilers could scale down F-15 wing onto a F-80 like they always wanted to !

Any volunteers to Moderate this?

Don't make me volunteer someone... C:-)


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