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Hi folks,

 A place for those random whiff ideas you have discovered which don't really fit into any category.

Here's one: 


Interesting. Looks like some basic 3D drawing and a simple render tool. This might even be a plane crafted for video gaming or flight sims.

They refer to its a Me509, but to me it looks more like the offspring of a mating between a Me309 and Me262...

Continue pointed bulge at root of wing forward to prop and all the way back.  Enhance it outward a little so there is slanted side to top and bottom of fuselage .   Put on a V tail, other appropriate touches, and it can be attempt to reduce RCS of propeller plane.   Radar absorbent  finish on propeller blades and hub (rest of plane?) , F-117 type glass and framing.
To me, picture hints at doing that. 

Where else would I put this?


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