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Jeffry Fontaine:
Keiichi Aoki built and painted this MasterBox "Check Point" figure set and did such remarkable work on the faces and hair that you would think this was an actual photograph and not a 1/35th scale model figure set.  Even the dog looks convincing. 

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(Image source: Keiichi Aoki via Missing Lynx Forums)

Wow!!! :o

Damn, that's awesome! :) Fantastic attention to detail, down to the wet nose of the dog!  :icon_surprised:

Jeffry Fontaine:
Something different that might be modeled on your next figure project perhaps?  Apparently developed with the intent of taking costume-play to the next level the inventors have come up with Digilegs, the Original Reverse Leg Stilts to help fulfill the concept of your nest constume-play project or your secret desire to be a pony. 

The video has two blokes prancing around the back yard on their stilt-legs and they make it look easy enough.  Video ends with what I assume to be the same two gents rocking a pair of Alienz franchize costumes and looking quite menacing. 

The inventory has a second video showing her "suiting up" in a set of these legs that helps better understand the design at this YouTube link:

***fixed dead YouTube link -- jjf

Well, those aren't figures and also aren't Germans on Kremlin, but...  >:D


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