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DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS THIS? (questions and anwers about figure models)



I mean the encyrcled back pack.

The encyrcled box, near the foot of the soldier, looks like an ammo box but, as this soldier does not wear machine gun, I think it has something to do with mentiones back pack.

Thanks in advance.

Old Wombat:
I think you'll find that the figure is the #2 in the machine gun team & that it is a big box of ammo & spare barrels for the 6.5mm Breda M30 LMG on his back.

Image courtesy of**

wikipedia: Breda 30

Forgotten Weapons: Italy's Worst Machine Gun: The Breda Modello 30

**: I think these are Dutch troops of some kind (KNIL used the Breda M-30) using a Dutch design of ammunition pack.
       This image seems to confirm the KNIL link:
       And it would have helped if I'd read the image link, too; "dutch-knil-soldiers-with-breda-m30-light-machine-gun-during-ww2-png"


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