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Looking for Tamiya kit info.


Hello one and all. Looking to see if someone has a 1/35 M51 #35323 model kit that they can look at for me. I am trying to find out what tree the barrel and muzzle brake for the 105 mm Modele F1 L/44 comes on. If someone has it and could look for me I would appreciate it!

Thank you,

Jeffry Fontaine:
According to this image courtesy of Hobby Search the gun tube parts are found on Sprue C (click on the html to view image)

Thank you Jeffry! Not only did you get me the information that I was looking for but also gave me a great new tool that I had not realized Hobby Search had available.  :)

Jeffry Fontaine:
Y/W, it was an easy question to answer. 

For your future inquiries on model related things there is another [often] useful research tool called ScaleMates. 

Search results may vary but most of the time the subject is covered and there are links to the model, accessories, conversions, and decals along with the kit review that are useful to the modeler. 

***edit to fix sentence structure and spelling errors. :/

And I have just bookmarked that as well.

Once again thank you for the information. I really like how helpful the people here are!


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