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Looking for BSG Vintage Viper model.


Merry Christmas to everyone.

I am hoping that someone here can help me out. I know I saw a kit of the vintage dual pusher prop Viper from the Caprica series on the web and cannot seem to find it now. If anyone has a link to the site I would really appreciate it since my Google search ability is failing me. I am finding a lot of Viper kits from the original series though!  :-[

Is it this one? Won't be out until 2016.  Contact Alan Urey for the status:

Thank you for the link Frank. I thought that there was another one from a garage maker though I could be wrong. This one is perfect since I was looking for it in 72nd scale to begin with for an idea I am working through right now.

Merry Christmas.

There is this one by Alfred Wong , though it is 1/48:


That is the one I was looking for originally GTX. Due to space I am going with the 72 scale so I am glad one is going to be produced, at just over half the price of the 48 scale version. I also see that the pattern is from Mr. Wong as well.


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