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A place to moor your physical builds upon their christening and builder's acceptance trials.

Berthing a Hydrofoil at a standard dock, might prove difficult ;)

Late WW2 Vosper X-2 Experimental Hydrofoil

Darn fine job.


--- Quote from: tiking on November 07, 2021, 09:53:48 PM ---Darn fine job.

--- End quote ---

Indeed! The boat looks great and your water is fantastic  :smiley:

Dr. YoKai:
Ernst Heinkel's 'Yellow Gull' for the 1920 Schneider Trophy race.
DSCF0607 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr
DSCF0610 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr
DSCF0609 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr


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