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--- Quote from: Old Wombat on September 17, 2021, 11:05:38 PM ---Is it too early to ask for an extension? ???
The VW of the Zombie Apocalypse is coming along but very slowly, at the moment, with RWS getting in the way. :icon_crap:

--- End quote ---

Never too early to ask... whether it is agreed, different fish ;)

Currently looking at 12 days to go, it is been a bit slow with submissions so far.
Naval GB is due to kick off in October according to the Calendar, so review in a week, but I don't think a two week extension will be off the books

Also not like I can go anywhere or do anything else I want to do with this current perpetual pestilence.

I'm happy with an extension...more time to scavenge for supplies ...

Ok gang, extension it is.

Another 2 extra weeks to whip out a Post Apoc build.
New Finish date will be Monday 11 October 2021

So what you're saying is the Post-Post-Apocalypse has been postponed.  ;D

Thanks for that, I reckon I was going to make the deadline(just) but this will allow me to finish without rushing it.



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