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NOTE: May trade for your Dead End projects. Priority to 1/35th salvageable US tanks (M4/41/47/48 etc) unbuilt/incomplete built/etc.

You guys might sense from my recent postings topside that I was into Soviet/Russian armor.  I use to teach Armored Fighting Vehicle Identification classes, to people who had 13 seconds to engage and destroy the real things.

More kits than I'll build in this lifetime, so I'll be bleeding off the unbuilt/unmessed with 1:35th scale kits first (listing them subsequently in this thread).  Preference is to sell to builders - got a kid that's going stir-crazy and plays those online tank games, Tovarich?

First up to bat, old stock TAMIYA T-62A (with I *think* a CMD Models cast resin turret). 

$20 Yankee Dollers, USPS MO or PP. Shipping extra, but read on...

Shipping CONUS only, probably in one of those USPS Large Boxes. I can combine shipping and reduce volume, if you're not emotionally attached to factory boxes.

Note - I'm open to trade suggestions, your stuff-you're-not-going-to-build for my stuff-I'm-not-going-to-build

$20 + shipping
DML BMP2E, Afghanistan, boxed
ESCI BMP 1, boxed
ESCI BMP 1, in a T72 box
ESCI BMP 1, no box but complete


$15 each, + shipping
DML BMP2, boxed
ESCI BMP1, boxed
DML BTR70 Afghanistan 1986, boxed   
DML BTR70, boxed

DML BTR70, boxed

ICM Spetznaz Kosovo 1999 x 2 figure sprues
DML Modern Soviet Tank Crews x 2 figure sprues

Artistic inspiration - UN BTRs in MALI.

$5 @
Chesapeake Model Designs T-72 six spoke roadwheel set, resin
Chesapeake Model Designs T-72 six spoke roadwheel set, resin
Chesapeake Model Designs T-72 scraper blade, resin

ESCI/AMT/ERTL T-55 kit, complete x 2 in the same box

$10 @
ESCI/AMT/ERTL T-55 kit, complete, in a Lindberg box Digital copy of instructions.

ESCI/AMT/ERTL T-55 kit, complete, in a Lindberg box. Hardcopy instructions.

ESCI/AMT/ERTL T-55 kit, complete. Hardcopy instructions.

Non-Soviet section.

1) AML-90/Eland Armored Car project package - $20
Two boxes of  parts; three hulls, five four turrets, four fender packages and assorted spare parts.

At least two decent builds in there, plus spare turrets and perhaps a wreck (like this AML-60 at the tank graveyard in Asmara, Eritrea)

2) TAMIYA M2 Bradley, complete less instructions and decals - $15
Digital copy of instructions here

Resin and white metal, 1990s vintage kit.

Believe this to be long out of production

4) DML US Sniper Team  $5

5) ITALERI M101 105mm howitzer less crew $5

6) gone

Check back for additions.

This is one of Verlinden's late-1990's 'hull is a solid brick of resin' kits with PE, includes an extra turret (40mm / .50 cal). Yes, they offered that option (see spec sheet here

For those unfamiliar with the vehicle, it's a derivative of the Cadillac Gage used in Vietnam and if I recall correctly, saw use by the Saudi Arabian National Guard in the 1st Gulf War. Both versions used by the Phillipines (Marine version camo'd here )

 Probably seen more action on Hollywood's big and little screens.

$30 CONUS plus whatever shipping works. 



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