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Brian da Basher:
One of the things I really love about BtS is discussions like this and how everyone seems very open-minded to change.

I agree about extending the GBs. It seems participation has been a bit down and I was wondering if the short time-frame had something to do with it. Three months seems the standard across most modeling forums so I welcome extending them.

Also, I don't see a huge problem with over-lapping GBs as most of us probably won't be interested in every GB. I think we could manage six a year even if most of them were extended. With most things, less is more, but I think with GBs sometimes more is more.
My tuppence worth...

Brian da Basher

Even though we only had 10 votes, all were positive.  Therefore, we will move to longer GBs.  If you have any issues with this please PM me. 

Missed the voting while away from the computer over the holiday weekend (for me, at least)...

But I am A-OK with extending the GB duration, even if that meant "only" 4 a year.

Now, if any of our more prodigious builders could loan me some build moxie, then maybe I could actually get something done and entered into a GB!

Some Duck with an Ultimax:
I missed this too: Iím happy with longer GBs, but as Brian suggests, overlapping them sounds like a good idea to me - I canít be the only one who always has multiple models on the go at any one time! Also, longer time scales would make it much easier to deal with the overlaps as we would be less pressed for time.

Antonio Sobral:
Excellent decision!  :smiley:


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