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Yes my model is the as built model, not the mid war modernisation.
 I do like the idea of a Cruiser sub - so extra deck guns it is - Thanks to both you and Paul for the ideas.

Who said you can't have interesting markings on a submarine:


Central and South American drug runners are continuing to create new specialized smuggling vessels to move narcotics into the U.S., as evidenced by a sophisticated electric submersible seized earlier this month.

On Nov. 5 the Colombian Navy, assisting by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and local law enforcement agencies, raided an artisan boatyard near the Cucurrupí River in the Chocó area of Colombia. Under a makeshift roof they discovered a high-capacity narco submarine, the Colombian Navy announced on Twitter.

If you've got an OLLIE'S in your 'hood

these have been reported on the shelves, @ $55-60

Which for that price, despite the shortcomings, seems ripe for all sorts of kitbashing shenanigans.


Submersible Torpedo Boat of 1913


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