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Hi folks,

A thread for all your Steampunk and/or Dieselpunk (and similar) ideas and inspiration

For those a little confused:



Now I am sure people like jcf will have an idea or two here.



Dr. YoKai:
 The trek warriors are having things entirely too much their own way around here...time to show that
 lot the power...of STEAM!!!
 for starters, read with awe and wonder the tale of


 ( Plenty of pictures after the link-I'm always a little leary of posting images directly from a site...)

 Your prodigious appettities thus whetted, I enjoin you to proceed to the informative directory of

  The Google Difference engine compendioum of topics pertaining to THE DYNAMITE GUNS!!!

 ( I especially suggest
looking at the entry on the Sims-Dudley field piece. many of you will already be familiar with the
Zalinski devices, but I think this one will be new to many.

The place that all good retro-tech folk must explore, Douglas Self's Museum of Retro-Technology:

... and don't forget all the other -Punks:

JP Vieira:
I have discovered SteamPunk (adn other derivatives) relatively a short time ago, but I am loving all the creative possibilities it has.
Thanks for this thread.

The guns and lamps aka Retrolumina of my buddy Mark Counts, available exclusively through Cannibals Gallery in Portland, OR:


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