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Ok many alternate back stories such as RN BBGs, RN FAA retains CTOL carriers, RN modernises CLs in to CG, builds new CGs etc. replacement for any or all of these is a RN take on the USN Strike Cruiser concept based on the Invincible Class STOVL Carrier hull. 

Real story, I have a Dragon 1/700 Illustrious that is donating bits and bobs to other projects and I am thinking of turning it into a Strike Cruiser with multi-tiered gun and missile armament, retaining most of the through deck but not the ski-jump.  Looking at a variety of configurations, maybe a 5" gun in place of Sea Dart, or I think I have a Mk 26 twin 6" from a matchbox Tiger somewhere,  Oto Melara Super Rapido 76mm in place of Goal Keeper or possibly arranged differently again.  Tomahawk armoured box launchers, Harpoon, Phalanx.  If a replacement for the BBGs then maybe the some deck mounted launchers from 1/700 MLRS (if I can find the Skywave  / Pit Road kits)

May do an RAN version using US weapons and radars, i.e. Mk 26 GMLS fore and aft the bridge etc. 

All up in the air at the moment and don't know how much surgery I will be doing, had thought of sponsons port, starboard, fore and aft with guns and missiles and a wider sponsoned flight deck to offset a bulkier island structure and still provide a decent helo capacity ASW, AEW. Assault and Attack helo types.

Still toying with the exact role of the ships, Command, ASW, Commando (LPH), ASvW, Land Attack etc. escort group leader.

Angled deck?

No, was thinking helo only, but now you mention it I wonder how hard it would be to have a parallel deck on a sponson.  COSAG propulsion, steam cat, arrester gear, sort of the complete opposite to where I was going with this but....maybe a combo, a strike carrier partnered by a strike cruiser.  May need to buy another Invincible now.

The reason I have an Illustrious Hull and bits to turn into something else is because I am using the Ski-jump and some other stuff to turn a LHD (USS Kearsarge) into a STOVL carrier

Cliffy B:
Some of these might prove inspirational.  Found them on Secret Projects awhile back.  They're proposed successors to the Invincibles.

Click all the way through for the full size images.

Outstanding, thanks for that.  These will be very useful for the Kearsarge project in particular and possibly (if I ever get it started) the Tarawa project.  Still looking at doing a more cruiser like Invincible but if I decide to keep it RN then there is the possibility of pairing it with another carrier.

Probably over thinking this but the Strike Cruiser would be the centre piece of an escort group of a Strike Cruiser, a DLG and 4 DDG.  This group would join a carrier (CVA/CVS/LPH/LPD/LPA), which would have its own organic support depending what it was to make a strike group, and ASW group, an Amphibious Ready Group etc.  The carrier would have a full CG or CGN as close escort, the CVS a ASW CC and some DD/FF/DE, the amphibs would have a LPD, a LSD, some gun armed DDs (fire support) and APDs.  There would also be a flotilla of GP FFGs for general escort work i.e. fleet train and the fleet train its self with a couple of AOE/AOR stores ships and logistics ships. 

A very large fleet too large for Australia, needs some more thinking but the idea is for a common GP escort group that changes role depending on what it is escorting.  I just don't know whether the Strike Cruiser is going to have Harriers or not, or should I say fighters or not.  I did have an idea years ago that I sketched that was a parallel deck carrier in STOVL, STOBAR and CTOL versions.  The parallel deck was sponsoned out to the port (with arrestor gear for the STOBAR and CTOL) and intended as a replacement for the angled deck.  Ski jump or cats were on the centreline with the deck park fore an aft the island.


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