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Daryl J.:
Post war Fjord Defense Bristol Beaufighter:

Rear position removed, faired over.   Horizontal tailplane flattened and enlarged.   Twin vertical tails much like that of the Buckmaster, Brigand, and Buckingham.    An anti shipping missile would be slung underneath the fuselage, slightly to the left of midline if in Norway, to the right if used by the U.K.     Black and white Norse pattern on tail as a squadron marking, winter setting.   

Note:  If it were used by the US Navy and stationed at Whidby Island, it would have to be the Bristol Bellingham-America.   Sorry...Everett, Snohomish,Marysville, or Cle Elum just don't quite work with the word 'Bristol'.     As to a Bristol Chehalis....we might be able to work something out there.    :) >:D >:D   To be fair to my neighbors to the North, if it were based in Portland, it would have to be the Bristol Brewer and rather than weapons, have containers for all the artisan, hand crafted ferment and have a Greenpeace sticker on a window.     


Vietnam era COIN platform serving with RAAF in support of Australian Forces...maybe upgraded with turboprops...

Alternately, A RAAF Beaufighter Mk21 serving with RAAF Forces as Night Intruder in Korea...



Serving to guard and protect the sea-lanes to a major USN base, the Bristol Bremerton (sic)?

Daryl J.:
The Bellingham and the Bremerton.   I like that.    I'm not sure Bristol could turn the basic Beaufighter platform into a high-end executive transport for a CEO and CFO,  but if they did it would have to be the Bellevue.   

One of them would have to have a camouflage pattern in Digital Moss or Digital Espresso wouldn't you think?   

A hunter/killer duo perhaps?   I'm not sure the Soviet empire would approve of the great capitalistic Seattlisms known as Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Costco and could potentially have had some sort of potential naval concern.       

Possible Mk.22s:


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