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Hi folks,

An area for your Battleship Ideas and Inspiration.



Not having naval knowledge, per se, one wonders if a monitor type ship would be a capable design for open water?  I should think that its lower profile would be advantagous compared to a 'normal' ship from a concealment perspective providing one could waterproof the upper structure to prevent swamping.  In reality, it'd be almost like a surfaced submarine, but subs are infamous for low profiles compared to surface ships.



Cliffy B:
Oddly enough, the Iowas show up on radar looking like a tugboat and barge thanks to their profile.  The super high bow sticks up and then everything between it and the forward superstructure is masked.  Accidental stealth  8)  Although, a tugboat pulling a barge sighted in the middle of the ocean doing 30 knots..... ;D

Some of the FACES II mods proposed for the Iowa-class would be interesting.  For grins, same approach applied to the Montana-class or to H.M.S. Vanguard (plausible since the basic hull is derived from the proposed Lion-class and a battlecarrier version of that class was considered)?

Not to pound my own drum, but I have a whole website devoted to naval what-ifs--"Furashita's Fleet":

...that might provide some inspiration/ideas. I have built a few such ships, in 1/1200 or 1/2000, and one in 1/700 (IJN Scruyu) that I have actually discarded   :icon_nif: for want of room.


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