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Finsrin - A real stand up guy!


Cliffy B:
In passing I mentioned to Finsrin (aka Bill) that I was going to scale-o-rama some 1/1200 ships into 1/700 and he asked me if I wanted any of his spare parts so I said sure.  Next message I get says there are 2 boxes in the mail; cool!  Man oh, man Bill doesn't kid around! 

I thought I was going to get some spare parts, leftover parts, random old sprues with some bits still attached, etc...  What I received was 4 half finished (3-1/700 and 1-1/350) IJN capital ships, a spare large scale hull (research ship I think), a half built Revell box scale DE, some random bits from random kits, AND a complete 1/700 kit of an unassembled LHA!!!

Did I mention he did all of this out of the kindness of his heart?  Bill, you went above and beyond sir!  I hope you know I will to repay you now  8)



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