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Hi folks,

A new question for you. 

As you know, currently we have a calendar for the Group Builds (GBs) whereby we try to plan out 6 - 12 mths in advance what GBs are going to be run.  The reasoning behind this is to have a plan to work to (rather then a lst minute scramble to set things up), to give people plenty of time to plan ahead and to also ensure things are kept moving.

One of the downsides with this though is that it is theoretically difficult to introduce a new GB at short notice.  For example, recently Weaver has kicked off the "Scottish Armed Forces GB" idea with some enthusiastic participation from members, however if we follow the GB calendar strictly this won't go any further for at least a couple of months.

This brings me to my question: Should we allow short notice starting of GBs or should we stick to the planned calendar?

My thinking is that if we allow short notice starting of GBs, there should still be some criteria governing their starting.  For example, they must at least have a Moderator already nominated; they must have a minimum participation (say, at least 5 - 10 participants); they mustn't conflict with the theme of an existing GB etc....feel free to suggest additional criteria if you support the concept.

I would like to hear/read your thoughts on the matter.  As always, please elaborate your ideas/arguments so that others can consider them as well.

The poll is set to run for 14 days and you can change your vote if you change your mind.



P.S. Please in no way think that this poll means that the idea of short notice GBs is already a pre-determined thing.  This is why we discuss these things first.

Logan Hartke:
I like them.  I think we should just allow for short notice GBs to run for longer to allow people the necessary time to do projects.  Whereas our normal GBs run 1-2 months, I think we should run short term ones for closer to 3 months unless there's a need for a hard stop on a special date.



Brian da Basher:
I've got no problem with adding some spur-of-the-moment GBs. That'll keep things fresh and if there's no conflicting theme issues, it should broaden overall GB participation.

The only downside is that, depending on how many are added, I might have trouble entering all of them.

Brian da Basher

Still time to vote folks!

Well, I will take that as a yes.

Will develop some guidelines etc shortly.


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