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A question/proposal for you.  In the GBs when it comes to voting it is sometimes the case that those who submit multiple entries undo their chances of winning.  What I mean here is that if someone submits, say 3 or 4 entries they can be beaten by someone who only submits a single entry.  This is because the person submitting multiple entries has their votes split across those multiple entries.  In effect, they become their own competitor.  In many cases it is even possible that the multiple entry person has more overall votes, just not for any one entry.

Now whist winning is not everything in the GBS (participation and fun is far more important), it may be equally considered 'unfair' if the person who has contributed more in the spirit of the theme is not recognised for doing so.

This brings me to my proposal:  would you agree that in GB voting, multiple entries by the same individual should be grouped together so as to better reflect that person's contribution to the GB theme?  Please note that this would only affect entries in the same category - i.e. we wouldn't group people's entries across the physical models and profiles/stories sections, only within those individual sections.

Please vote, and provide supporting comments arguments if you like - they may help convince others.

The vote is up for 14 days and members can change their vote if they change their mind.



Brian da Basher:
I always figured people are judging each entry on its own merits without regard to who submitted it. At least that's how I vote.

I'm not sure I'd want all my GB entries lumped together. Some are better than others and it's interesting to see what others think.

Regardless how this plays out, the discussion is worth having and I'll still be playing along in as many GBs as I can!

Brian da Basher

Good point Brian.  Especially pertinent given you are one of those who regularly submits multiple entries.

Logan Hartke:
Hey there, I can understand points both for and against.  I'd prefer that we do decide how we're going to do it and stick to that method, however.  Looking at previous GBs, the moderator of the GB runs it how he thinks best, so we've seen both methods in action.  On top of that, the method hasn't been announced before the voting was split up, so it doesn't allow entrants to plan accordingly.

I know Brian is in favor of the "per entry" voting and he's one of the most prolific builders in any GB!  I think that if we stick to the "per entry" method moving forward, I'll probably limit myself to a single entry per GB and just work on side projects after that one's submitted.

I will say one thing in favor of the combined method, however.  In all the cases where there was a story accompanied by profiles, the GB moderator has always lumped them into the same entry, regardless of how they split the others.  That goes back to the consistency aspect of the question.



I would have to say I would lean towards having each entry voted on, as Brian says, some of the multiple entries might not be as good as another.  If you lump them altogether you'd be voting for something not quite as good, plus the builder wouldn't know if a particular subject caught the voters eye and which ones didn't.


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