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As promised, here is a poll on the next set of GBs we will have.  I am only asking about those for the first 6months of next year at this stage.  Plan would be to kick the first one off in early/mid Jan.

You each have five votes and you are able to change your mind if so desired.  Poll will run until end of December.

Details of each suggestion may be found here.  Feel free to ask for more info though.

Also feel free to lobby for your favourites.



Interesting...not the mix I would have expected.  Keep voting!!!



That is Kate Upton.

she loves long walks on the beach and people who vote for VTOL, Scrape pile, Sci-Fi, Fear and Trepidation, and WW in the 20s/30s GBs  :D

Well, I did say feel free to lobby for your favourites but I am curious what you had to do to get Kate to support you, or what your Better Half has to say... ;).

Daryl J.:
Haven't voted yet.  I saw Kate and lost my train of thought.  My brain is in reset mode.   


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