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Jeffry Fontaine:
So does anyone remember that image suggesting a hovercraft type vehicle that would allow aircraft to take off from bomb damaged runways?  The artwork showed an F-15 in the image on a platform that was just large enough to accommodate the landing gear and it had some kind of jet engine unit mounted at the front that provided propulsion and lift for the platform.  I thought it was kind of neat and yesterday while browsing at the local McHobbyShop I spotted the Gallery Models LCAC kit in 1/350th scale which got me to thinking about a hovercraft/ACV platform with the same purpose.  I suspect you could combine several to create a large enough surface area to allow a 1/48th scale model to be placed on it or use one of the LCAC models for a 1/72nd scale aircraft subject.  Of course the superstructure would have to be left off in order to make it work. 

The other idea I had was to put the pair of LCAC modesl on the underside of a C-130 or C-160 in 1/72nd scale.  That might require a third LCAC in 1/700 scale for the nose gear position but it would certainly look interesting. 

This be the pic my friend?

Jeffry Fontaine:
Yes indeed!  That is the image I was describing :)

Hmmmm,  Maybe three of the 1/350th scale Gallery Models LCACs would work.  All good since they are sold as a pair in the kit. 

Thread revival with a cool photo:

I have a devious plan for one of these:


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