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Hi folks,

A thread for your Hawk/Goshawk Ideas and Inspiration.



To begin with (and inspired by deathjester's recent Royal Navy SeaHawk II), what about a USMC A-45 Goshawk Light Attack Aircraft.  Base it on the Hawk200 single seat version and have it operating in a STOBAR fashion from Ski-jump equipped LHAs/LHDs instead of HArriers.

It might require conversion around the cockpit area on a standard 2 seater Hawk kit to make a single seater, unless one of you has a stash of -200's...

I quite like that idea, I've got a 1/72 '200' in the stash too.  I'll look into what is involved with dropping it in rubber and make some copies.

Hi Guys,
  As Deathjester has used an Adour 25R with afterburning for his Seahawk II, what other engine could be used without too much surgery?
 And there's me thinking about shoe-horning an RB199 minus the A/B into a hawk with a major re-design of the rear fuselage.
Any comments?


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