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Well, I've had to bite the bullet and start offloading my collection due to my medical condition.  I'll list kits in batches I think, a few at a time so as not to swamp the thread.  I've got a number of kits, decal sheets and accessories to move on to better homes, some are quite interesting I think you'll find.

Here's one:

I have a set of eight 1/72 Hughes Hercules propellers, cowlings and radiator ducts made by Anigrand, plus a set of eight 1/72 Engines & Things R-4360 engines.  I got these because I was going to buy an Execuform 1/72 HK-1 but Mike retired before I got around to it. I have to admit I don't know what to sell them for but I'll consider any reasonable offer.

I'm going to change how I present the kits for sale, I'll add photos of what I'm selling so I'll make a separate post for each one.

I'll add this one too:


I have two CMR 1/72 Avro York conversion sets which consist of replacement fuselages and small detail parts, decals. But to save anyone wondering what Lancaster donor kit to use, there will be all the styrene parts needed to build two complete models. Also included is a set of Paragon 1/72 Bristol Hercules engine conversion for the Lancaster/York. I was going to build the York C Mk.I and the C Mk.II. I'd like to sell them as a package so I'm asking C$75.00 for the lot, postage extra.

Photos added to above.


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