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Naval Group Build Physical Creations Poll - Now with Voting Results!

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Time to make your voices heard. 

Two votes per, you can change your mind/vote up until the poll closes.  Poll will run 14 days.

As they say in Chicago, "Vote Early, Vote Often."

Still time to vote folks!!!

The results are in on the 2021 Naval Group Build Physical Creations Poll.

Buzzbomb takes First Place with the HMVS Orthrus of the Victorian Colonial Navy

Buzzbomb also takes Second Place with the Vosper X-2 Experimental Hydrofoil

robunos collects Third Place with the NKL-16M Hydrosan

Congratulations to all that participated

Fair winds and following seas.

thanks Team.

All in all, some very nice builds.
Well done to all

Old Wombat:
Firstly: Congratulations to the three of you who managed to actually get their excellent builds completed! :smiley:

Secondly: Congratulations to BT (buzzbomb) & Craig (Dr YoKai) for completing two builds each! :smiley:

Thirdly: Congratulations to BT & robunos for placing in the vote! 8) 8)

Fourthly: The votes may not show it but, if my own struggles to decide are anything to go by, the results were much closer than they appear! :icon_alabanza: :icon_alabanza: :icon_alabanza:


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