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Re: Evan's Massive Stash Reduction...or not

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One of our well known members (Evan - aka elmayerle) has been forced by circumstances to offload 80+% of his stash.  Rather than see it all go to a non-modeller, he would like to see it go to someone in the hobby.  To this end, please see the list below and contact Evan directly.

His comment to me:

--- Quote ---I essentially have until next Saturday to clear out one wall, floor to ceiling of that storage locker.  If arrangements could be made for someone to rent a U-Haul van and pick them to take care of and distirbute to buyers for, say, 10% of gross proceeds, that would be best.  I would recommend at least a 19-foot one as, IIRC, that's the shortest that comes with a loading ramp and that's a big help, as I know from experience.
--- End quote ---

Evan please step in here if there is anything else you want to say/add.


Seriously though I'm sorry to hear of Evan's change in circumstance, I only wish I could help by taking some of these off his hands.

Sad about the stash but is Evan ok?

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: Volkodav on November 22, 2021, 03:24:02 PM ---Sad about the stash but is Evan ok?

--- End quote ---

Asking for me, too!

I will leave any specifics to Evan though will say that the change of circumstances is not related to his personal health.


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