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Apparently I have the attention span of a 3 year old.
Whilst the Vosper is on the side, waiting for me to get a base underway. Or puts some paint on. Or even just decide about the number of torpedo tubes, I got the Bronco 1/350 Chen Yuen out again. I heard a calling and what do you know, a session and a bit later, we have this.

Because it is illegal to build things stock on this forum  ;) I had to have a bit of a tinker as I thought the small turrets bow and stern looked a bit naff.
Moved them to the beams and that then got me thinking about another add on, which is on the 3d printer now. If it works out.. it could be the next step.

Still half keen to make it a ship of the Colony of Victoria, who pre Federation had the largest Naval force of all the Colonies of Australia.
Some of the blame here goes on Doc Yo for doing such an inspirational build in his thread.
Oh Doc Yo.. this kit has those nifty little torpedo boats you are building in your ironclad. I have not put the etch rails on yet until I paint.

This era of naval architecture is so interesting.  Glad to see kits of it being released.  You are off to a swell start  :smiley:

Dr. YoKai:
There is so much I can relate to in this post, from the subject matter to the realization I don't quite know what to do next... ;)

This is going to be a neat build - and the torpedo boat is a great bonus. Go to, colleague!


--- Quote from: Buzzbomb on October 23, 2021, 02:39:47 PM ---
Because it is illegal to build things stock on this forum ;D

--- End quote ---

Says who?

I have the kit partly converted to a flying dreadnought “airship”.

Interesting rearrangement, you’ve put your beam turrets directly above
the engine-space. Luckily they’re horizontal three-cylinder engines with
a relatively low profile.


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