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TiddlyWiki - a web page based notebook


We all have different ways of organizing projects - not just models. For models, I usually collect images and text and drop them into a folder or bookmark pages. It works most of the time, but web pages can disappear or I can forget that I even saved them.

There are software options like OneNote (Microsoft has a free version) which works well, but the files and bookmarks are tied to the program - and Microsoft - unless you export them.

I recently tried TiddlyWiki and it's a simple, browser based note collector/organizer. What's nice is that you really don't need a third party program or even a network connection to use the collected files. Saving from the browser isn't obvious (you have to follow their instructions) but it generates a single HTML file for each project that only needs a browser to read; if you add images, they're included in the file rather than scattered all over the web.

Cheers Frank  :smiley:

TiddlyWiki looks really handy ... especially, as you say, for a folder full of refs for a specific project.  When I thinki of the number of times I've uncovered a hidden nest of forgotten no-longer-needed - but invariably gargantuan-sized - ref images  :o

It strikes me too that TiddlyWiki would be a great way of temporarily collecting all of those intensely annoying Google WebP images that are now proliferating like outback bunnies  :P

Also, I just really like the name TiddlyWiki, so I'm typing out TiddlyWiki again  ;)

It would be a good way to collect all your drawings on one page (or several, but just one file)


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