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Bought this a while ago available at Bunnings hardware stores across Great Oz for $13.50 a roll  8) 8) 8)
It is esaki quality masking tape, the same (or better) performance than overly expensive Tamiya tape, I've been using it a while and it's great :smiley:
It only needs to be cut to the width you need, brilliant  ;) ;)
FrogTape by Neil, on Flickr
FrogTape2 by Neil, on Flickr

Bought to you by "Save a Buck" and other good frugal modellers :smiley:
FAA 8) 8) 8) 8)

Jeffry Fontaine:
I think I have seen this product in a couple of hardware stores around here, the big box stores but have not tried it out yet.  There are several brands of what they describe as "Low Tackiness" tapes in blue, light green/lime, and a light purple colour that are all quite similar in capabilities, I have stocked up on the blue tape as it was priced to appeal to my own frugal character and the other two colours appeared on the shelf later after I had acquired the blue tape.  It does come in several widths which I find to be a good option to have when masking things or just taping the parts together to get a feel for the task ahead.  I think it was Carl/The Big Gimper that called it the "Imagineering Tape" or something like that.  :smiley:

I found a similar "low tack" tape in a paint store a while back, that had been described as a Tamiya tape replacement in rec.,models.scale. It wasn't... it was low tack and would unpeel itself from a flat, horizontal surface.

The best, cheapest true Tamiya equivalent tape (because it is...) I've found is MT Washi masking tape

Mustang Mk.X:
i recently bought some cheap masking tape on Aliexpress (ive been using that site A LOT lately).
it was about 5 Euro's for 5 roles of tape and the quality is excelent, similar to the Tamiya.

a small tip, stay away from the Jammydog tape, ive used these on my electra, NEVER AGAIN!

Brian da Basher:

--- Quote from: Frank3k on June 21, 2019, 11:07:37 PM ---<snip>
The best, cheapest true Tamiya equivalent tape (because it is...) I've found is MT Washi masking tape

--- End quote ---

Can confirm, I've used this stuff and it's quite good and very inexpensive.

One tip, de-tack it a bit before applying. It's a bit stickier than Tamiya but this could be due to my place being hot (of course, I'm here - hey-o!). Still it works great, cuts well with either an Xacto self-amputation tool or scissors and can be re-used.

I got a life-time supply of this stuff for $10 which is less than a couple rolls of kabuki tape when gas is factored in.

Brian da Basher


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