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Brian da Basher:
Another source of cheap plastic cardstock is old phone cards, insurance ID cards, etc. Also blisterpack and the plastic boxes pyjamas come in is good as is the bits of plastic found under the collars of new shirts.

Recently, my landlord installed a bunch of blinds I found the clear plastic boxes these came in tossed out in the trash and made off with them like a greedy thief.

Brian da Basher

Hi All

I find a good source of plastic is the packaging around computer equipment especially memory and mice.

It is mostly black and the thicknesses are inconsistent so its problematical if you are doing detailed work (pencil does not show up very well!) However, its great for bracing and internal work or if you are laminating plastic sheet to sand into shape.

Look for the recycling symbol with the number 6 or label PS. If in doubt cut a couple of pieces off and stick them together with liquid cement, if they stick its polystyrene.

Finally, if you know anybody who has brought a MacBook Air harass them for the internal packaging, there are lots of large flat areas and its all PS!

Happy scavenging

The Mog

Situation update

The MacBook pro internal packaging is also PS in white. But you will have to cut it out of the box because they have glued it to the sides, most inconsiderate !


Jeffry Fontaine:
Shame on Apple for not being more considerate!  Elitist snobs!  :P

Forgot to mention another potential source for thin plastic card stock is that offered by various institutions in the form of a credit card size plastic calendar that you normally see in holders on the service counters.  The one type I obtained from Wells Fargo Bank will take liquid cement for polystyrene type plastic but does not adhere (ie: chemically weld) very well to pieces of the card stock that were tested.  It will probably work better with CA type cement which I did not try but welcome feedback from anyone that does so to keep us informed. 

Has anyone used a solvent to remove the paint or ink from plastic signs? I know I can sand it off but its a pain to do a large area. I was thinking of trying oven cleaner or degreasing detergent in the same way as enamel paint. I'm hoping someone has an easier method.


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