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What is in your modelling toolbox?  What are those tools or related that you believe are indispensable?



What isn't in my toolbox would probably be a fairer question!

Some decent strong stainless steel modelling scissors, a very sharp Games Workshop knife, a general purpose knife, sanding sticks, and tonnes of different glues are a must.  As are the multiple brushes, the pin vice and hacksaw.  Then theres screwdrivers, hotwire cutter, and......(dragged off, mumbling about blue foam and Superglue...)  :-\

Cliffy B:
I'll try and be as complete as possible here.

5 Xacto knives - 1 with a #11, 1 with a #16, 1 retractable (tiny blade), 1 razor saw, and 1 I use as a pin-vise for my small 0.5mm drill bits.
1 Pin vise - for 1mm and larger bits.
2 Hemostats - 1 straight, 1 curved.
2 Tweezers, fine point - 1 straight, 1 curved.
1 Nutcracker - for opening stubborn paint jars.
1 Nutpick - for puttying hard to reach places.
A folding box cutter - for larger cuts
A pair of wire cutters - for wire and plastic

Various large Nail Files - The big color coded ones at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  They last a long time and they're only $0.99 each; can't go wrong.
A large double ended makeup brush - One end has a fine point and the other is a giant puff ball.  Works well to sweep away plastic dust from the PSR sessions when I don't want to blow parts off the desk.
A Draftsman's Brush - For larger cleanup duties.
Various cheap Dollar Store nail files - The red and tan ones that are about 1mm thick.  Perfect for carving up for those special cases where you need a tiny file.

1 pack of needle files - Harbor Freight 8-10 pack, various shapes.
1 Xacto small miter box - perfect for keeping cuts straight, well kinda...
1 Homemade Chopper - perfect for keeping cuts straight, well kinda...needs adjustment...might be getting the kind where it sails across to the trash can...

Various paint brushes - "American Painter" series from Michael's.  Tough, orange bristle brushes that last a good long time and work well with acrylics.  I use them for my watercolor paintings too.
Boxes of paint - Testor's, Model Master, and Polly Scale Acrylics and Enamels.

Various glues - Testor's plastic (tube), Elmer's White (PVA), Gorilla Wood glue, Elmer's Wood glue, Krazy glue (Purple stuff with the brush in the cap, only way to use it multiple times)
Elmer's Wood Putty - White putty in a tube (comes in bigger tubs but not in white) water based, no chemicals/fumes, water clean up.  Use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove once dried.  Sands and paints like a charm.  Never use the toluene based putties again; messy health hazards...

Spray bottle of Rubbing alcohol - for cleaning tools and removing putty
Box of Q-Tips - for removing putty

Probably forgot some stuff but that's most of it anyway.

The Big Gimper:
Not on the work bench but very very close:

99% Isopropyl alcohol
Xtaco knife and clean # 11 blade

Alcohol used to sterilize the blade which is used to pry apart my now CA'd uni-finger/thumb
Sterilize care-of-my-new-#11-blade cut, stem and stop the bleeding

Toilet paper roll on the dispenser  :)
Use it for cleaning tops of Vallejo bottles, paint palletes, brushes, spills....

Much cheaper than paper towel


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