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BookNook Diorama - Bladerunner Theme

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Booknooks are becoming a big thing. There are some wonderful examples out there. Scenes like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter are popular, library themes and some rather excellent Dungeon scenes.

Simply it is a small diorama that fits on a bookshelf, this is the link that got me interested

I decided to try my arm to see how it went. The brief was to try a Bladerunner inspired theme.
First up it is way more joinery then I normally do, but it is only a box, not a full set of cupboards.

But at least you can scale back the detail a bit and use common materials like Cardboard
Building facade 1 with some hacked up wire mesh for fire escapes.

A "here's one I prepared earlier" a Base I used, co-incidently to display a 1/48 Bladerunner Spinner kit

Lick 'o' paint

3d Print a couple of 1/72ish Vending Machines and a Bladerunner 2079 Car, Thanks Thingiverse !

Some rather agricultural wiring, but you are not going to see it anyway

One side of the scene. The backdrop is just a screen grab printed off.

Test fit.. I have since redone a couple of LED lights as the scene was a bit too dark. It is still too dark, but sort of works.

Almost there hopefully finish it of in the next day or so as it will be a Christmas Gift for a Bladerunner Fan.
Not nearly as good as the one on the boredpanda site, but for a first go at this it has been a steep learning curve on
lighting something like this.

Jeffry Fontaine:
Very innovative and inspiring!  I like it and it definitely make the ordinary bookshelf much more useful. 


--- Quote from: buzzbomb on December 14, 2020, 07:20:11 PM ---Booknooks are becoming a big thing...

--- End quote ---

Having never heard of it, mean that I'm even further out the loop than I'd realized  :-[

But this is a very cool concept! Dioramas that, be design, fit on your shelves  ;D  And I love your Bladerunner theme  :smiley:

Old Wombat:
Cute! :))

I too am out of the loop, this is a very interesting concept.

Nice work buzz !



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