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1/35 Post Apoc figures

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I converted some Evolution Miniatures 1/35 German WW2 figures into post apoc.

For this figure I cut the face out and replaced it with a Live Resin M17 gas mask.

I used Trumpeter woodland BDU camo decals that were kindly supplied by a friend. I primed the figure first then gloss coated it before applying the decals.

After the camo decals settled I gloss coated the whole figure again.

This one was converted using a Live Resin PMG-2 Russian gas mask.

I also used the same Trumpeter woodland BDU camo decals for the jacket. The pants are also decals but from Peddinghaus. It is German Fallschirmjager camo pattern.

I added a Tank SVD rifle. I cut some tape into thin strips and wrapped it around the rifle to simulate camouflage wrapping.

Again, once the decals were settled I applied gloss coat over them.

First one completed. I added a Dragon AK rifle. I weathered the figure then flat coated it.

Second one also completed. I added a backpack from a different figure that I messed up so recycled it. Also lightly weather and flat coated.

Team mates posing together.

 :smiley: :smiley:

Welcome, that's some nice work.


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