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Dr. YoKai:
Not much back story on this one. Though the AVRO Arrow was cancelled in 1959, due in part to the end of the Secret World War (1947-1958), development of an advanced orbit-capable version continued with the assistance of Yo Kinetic Industries (The industrial complex of Clark Yo jr., the celebrated 'Man of Modern Materials'). Utilizing Scott-Yo Multi-tube Advanced Ion engines, the craft was renamed after an archaic term for a crossbow bolt, and was expected to serve with the newly formed SHADO organization. As the notorious Dr. Yo was heard to remark many years later "It was appropriate. If the internet has taught us anything, it is that any mention of the Arrow leads inevitably to a Quarrel...". Although successful, the prototype was stolen by Dr. Yo's chief test pilot, Famous Raoul. (Hence the lone 'R' code on the fuselage.) Further development was cancelled due to the effectiveness of back-engineered Grey Saucers and the Meddings-Trim Mass Negator.

This is the old Academy kit of the Arrow, with a pair of nacelles from the Polar Lights 1/1000 USS Enterprise kit. It had sat in a box for...awhile,
and just needed a bit of filling and paint. I managed to make Tamiya's panel line accent work fairly well on this subject, and was only really balked by the decals and canopy towards the end. The code decals pretty much shattered after a bit of water, and even one of the underwing roundels is not in the best of shape. I had slapped the thing together years before without much thought to the interior, which consists of a couple of basic seats-no sidewalls, and if it had an instrument panel, I lost it along with the nose probe ages ago. As I discovered when I finally took the canpopy out of its separate plastic bag, the framing is almost non-existent, and I ultimately just sprayed it white and cut some black decal paper, which was almost as delicate as the kit code decals, and touched up here and there with a sharpie pen. The Display base is plexiglass, which I am getting a little better at handling, but it still needs a bit more polishing to get the rest of the glue residue off. Still, it doesn't look too bad at this distance. ;)

DSCF0689 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

DSCF0688 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

DSCF0692 by VileDr.Yo, on Flickr

It looks good. The color choices are great, too.


The Rat:


--- Quote from: The Rat on April 26, 2022, 07:35:17 AM ---Beauty!

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Indeed! Sounds like the decals were a bear ... but the end effect is fabulous  :smiley:


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