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Revell SnapTite (851766) 1:32nd scale HALO UNSC Warthog

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Jeffry Fontaine:
Some WIP images of the modification I have made to the floor of the cargo bed in the Revell Warthog.  The kit comes with a battery powered noise-maker gun thing that is absolutely horrible.  I disposed of the the offending devices to a friend of mine for her son and now have to deal with a huge hole in the floor of the cargo bed.  I thought about just dropping in some kind of weapon as a quick solution but decided that I wanted an option that would allow for an unarmed vehicle carrying supplies or other support equipment instead of just making another weaponized 4X4 gun truck.  The Warthog is rather large for the advertised 1/32nd scale and that is mostly due to the included Spartan figures being somewhere near seven feet in height so the vehicle seats reflect this much larger size and the Warthog would not look out of place with 1/24th-1/25th scale models. 

My first two attempts at fixing the hole in the floor did not go so well so I put the kit aside for a day and thought about it some more.  When I returned to the project later I decided that I needed some kind of plastic strips that could be laid down in pieces to create a cover for the hole in the cargo bed.  I had a set/package of HO Scale lumber that was in the stash and this turned out to be the ideal material for a quick floor cover.  Attached images show the cover and the hole that it is to fit over on the kit part plus an image of the HO scale lumber for anyone wanting to source this product, 

Jeffry Fontaine:
Once the glue had cured and the assembly was a bit more rigid I went back and sanded it down to smooth things up.  After washing it and setting it aside to dry I then took up again with the HO scale lumber and separated a few more planks from the stacks and proceeded to build three more of the same cargo bed floor covers with minor improvements being made on the fly as I went along.  All four assemblies have slight variations and with each new iteration the construction process improved quite a bit and the end result was a much faster construction process to finished product.  Letting the new pieces cure for a spell before attacking these too with the sanding sticks to remove the excess features resulted in three new and improved cargo bed floor covers.  I now have an extra that is now available for anyone interested in modifying their own Revell UNSC HALO Warthog to be rid of that infernal noise-maker. 
Attached image of all four cargo bed floor covers (from left to right): 0-Prototype, 1, 2, 3:

That's a pretty good save. How's the rest of the kit, detail-wise? Can you put HMMWV seats to make it closer to 1/35?

The new floor is looking good!

Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote from: Frank3k on February 12, 2022, 01:21:50 AM ---That's a pretty good save. How's the rest of the kit, detail-wise? Can you put HMMWV seats to make it closer to 1/35?
--- End quote ---
  Hi Frank - the seats that come in the kit are better suited for use with a 1/24-1/25 scale figure.  The argument being made that the HALO Spartans are all super-sized [would you like fries with that?] human hybrids.  Replacing the kit seats with something more appropriate in size to 1/32-1/35 scale could possibly work but the entire interior is sized to the larger kit seats and I suspect the end result would look like a Hobbit trying to drive a full size vehicle.  Kind of sketchy TBH.  It might be possible to combine 1/35th scale seats and have the benefit of a larger interior space behind the seats for additional gear.  I have not yet crossed that bridge for now.  I am currently just basking in the glory of actually creating something from nothing and getting a positive result (or in this case four successful results).  :smiley:

--- Quote from: Ramba on February 12, 2022, 02:21:15 AM ---The new floor is looking good!
--- End quote ---
After making four of the things I feel pretty good about the whole outcome and with an extra to share makes it all the better for anyone else that wants a Warthog without the silly noise-maker in the back. 


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