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Study for a scaleorama project: 1/72 IS-2 + 1/35 soviet soldiers


First of all, I have to warn that I put this type of projects in the Figures section because for me this is the main incentive to carry them out.  :thumbsup:

So: what do you prefer between 2 last: Single seater with 1 or 2 riders, or twin tandem seater?

That's about the size or smaller than the T-20 Komsomolets armored tractor. The single seater would be my favorite - you still need room for an engine, fuel and transmission, which I guess could go to the right of the dirver.

How about a 1/35th 'technician' for scale, post-war Soviet experimental radio-controlled tank?

Fitted with one or two loop antennas, armed with a 7.62 RP-46
and a rack of RPG-1s (just launch pipes fitted with pirated Panzerfaust warheads) for close anti-vehicle violence?

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Polygon predicted this ... in 1977. Classified as “adult viewing” owing to its controversial content, the film was seldom shown to Soviet audiences. The main character — “the professor,” everyone calls him — has built an A.I.-driven tank.


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