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"Take'em Down!!!"

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This is a re-make of a previous diorama, together with vehicles from another diorama added to the mix. There is also a newer vehicle added to the diorama to give it more flavor. The reason for this new diorama mixed with the old, is because, the previous one got destroyed. So I came up with this one, to make up for the destroyed one. This includes some new additions and modifications to older models, to breath new life into the previous and existing models. I still want to add more rumble, like concrete bricks, which I do not have on hand. I've added another figure and added newer details and some of the older vehicles. So far, I'm pleased. Now, I'll make sure my wife's nephew can't get to it.

yet another first class Diorama.

Well done

Old Wombat:
 :smiley: 8) 8)

Thanks for looking.

Totally believable! And a very nice bit of scale 'recycling'  ;D


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