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1/35 Moderoid Multi-Purpose Exoframe

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I bought a couple of the Moderoid series of 1/35 exoframes/robots. The Multi-Purpose Exoframe looks like it belongs in a construction site (or in the Aliens franchise):

Scalemates entry:

The kit is OK, fairly basic and it's mostly snap fit. There are two identical kits in the box, with two build options (frame over the "cockpit" or no frame) and the option for either a female or male driver (although only one make driver is included), two hand types and what looks like a giant wrench. The figures are very basic. This is what the exoframe looks like OOB:

The odd "genitals" and knee-wheels allow it to roll:

OK... whatevs.

I also have a Bandai Portanova bot:

...I wondered if the parts were interchangeable:

They are, for the most part, but the combos aren't very appealing. So I went for the industrial look.

I removed the knee wheels and added hydraulic lines from wire-wrap wire and thin styrene rod:

I also added various small bits, mostly from the ever bountiful leftover parts from the AFV Club M151 Remote Weapon Station. The instrument panel is just a piece of styrene with a dial I  found and printed out:

The switches are PE from a 1/35 Blackhawk set:

From the front:

It reminds me of Roberto, the stabby psychopathic robot from Futurama:

Old Wombat:
Nicely done, Frank! :smiley:

Although I still prefer the layout of P-5000 Powered Work Loader from the "Aliens"-verse. ;)

Nice work except for the wheel hanging down between itís legs. It looks like it has a load in its pants. Otherwise definitely has possibilities.

Jeffry Fontaine:
@Frank - I just finished watching the twelve part Obsolete Anime' series again last week and really enjoyed the six episodes I had missed from my previous viewing session.  Not quite ready to add this subject to my stash and I do appreciate your quick build of the kit and your additional details. 

Yeah, the full diapers isn't a good look. I'll try taking the wheel and support frame out - I don't think it provides any support. Or maybe replace the wheel with something else that can be either the battery or a fuel cell.

The same kit acts as the base for most of the other armored exoskeletons in the line.

@Jeff - I only watched Episodes 1 & 2 - the plots didn't grab me and I don't like the animation style. This model is in Episode 2


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