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Fallschirmjäger Raupenfahrzeug (Paratroop tracked vehicle)

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Remembering my childhood in '70s, I found these figures from one of the nicest Tamiya early figures boxes. A pleasure to build and paint. Only one problem: they are clearly undersized; they look to be 1/38 or even 1/40.

You can see the legs posture of one soldier has been changer in order to look seated.

An Airfix 1/76 Tiger will be scaleoramed to become a small tractor: very useful for paratroops to carry light to medium loads.

Very interesting concept

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: Buzzbomb on October 26, 2021, 06:25:10 PM ---Very interesting concept

--- End quote ---

Yep! :smiley:

Tamiya's figures are generally in scale but are worked on about a 175cm (5' 9") (+/- 5cm (2")) height, most modern makers are in the 185-190cm-ish (6' 1"- 6' 3") height range.

That's a fantastic rescaling of a 1/76 tank! Almost like the Borgward IV. You could also make all sorts of non-military vehicles as well.

I think the old Tamiya figures are in 1/35 scale... 1/35th the height of the average Japanese modeler in the 1970s.


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