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Fairey Finbar - Irish Air Corps 1932

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That's looking great!


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Dang that turned out well! Nice work  :smiley:

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Not strong on backstories but here we go.
The fledgling Irish Air Corps wanted a GP/Coastal Surveillance Aircraft. Looking to Britain the Fairey IIIF fitted the requirements, although they wanted a more powerful engine. So fitting a cowled Bristol Mercury Engine, replacing the normal Napier Lion. This fitted more with the other aircraft that had radial engines coming online. Renamed the Fairey Finbar, this aircraft gave stirling service to Ireland, being finally retired in 1944 after spares became very scarce.

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I like it! And the Mercury radial was a good choice - fits with what probably would've been the Finbar's replacement - the Lysander  :smiley:


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