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Old Wombat:
This idea has just floated through the void between my ears, possibly because of the number of Soviet/Russian aircraft being built around the place, & it's probably been proposed in the past but;

"What If the USA was torn apart by a Bolshevik revolution in 1918/1919 & became a communist nation & the Russian Empire, possibly as a constitutional monarchy or non-socialist republic, survived as a capitalist nation/empire?"

Ideas, anyone? ???

I suppose it would depend upon the question of how exactly one would see the countries developing under said scenario.  If the Socialist/communist USA did not turn into the perverted dictatorship the real world USSR did (anyone who thinks the USSR was anything else than a dictatorship and thinks that is what true Socialism is supposed to look like doesn't have a clue) you might see something interesting.  Likewise, just because a Russia was nominally non-socialist and nominally capitalist doesn't mean anything pretty either - Putin's Russia is arguably a non-socialist, capitalist country today but does anyone think it is anything other than a thinly veiled dictatorship?

I don't see where this scenario is supposed to go. ???

Old Wombat:
My personal preference included the Duma not being quite so ineffectual, forcing Tsar Nikolai II to abdicate (either in 1905 or in 1915) & instituting a constitutional monarchy with Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich (Nikolai's oldest surviving brother) being made Tsar.

There was quite a strong Communist element amongst the USA's intelligentsia at that time & amongst their trade unions, although that was somewhat mitigated by the various crime gangs. However, if the crime gangs had been effectively suppressed/eliminated (not easy by any means but possibly easier then than in/after the 1920s/30s) the Communist element may have come to the fore, or it may have come to the fore & been the suppressor/eliminator.

I hadn't really gone much beyond that.

And, Greg, which Communist state didn't at least start out as a dictatorship? ??? I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Old Wombat:
In all honesty, it was the beginnings of a mind game without any RW impetus, just an idea to play around with where the world may have gone under this scenario.

You know, "What If ...?" ???

Old Wombat:
Right, this whole thing was just in the hopes of kicking off a fun though experiment without delving into the how, just accepting that it is & working from that.

If I sound a bit grumpy, by the way, it's because I am. I'm also confused as to when the Hell the world decided that everything had to make historical sense when trying to have a bit of fun!

There was once a time when you could say "This is the scenario, let's play with it!" & people would say "Sure!" & have fun playing in that odd little world.

All-of-a-sudden that's not how it is, everyone has to know how, when & why this scenario came into being - even here in a haven for "What-If ...?".

Greg, if you don't mind, could you delete the whole thread ... It's not fun any more. :icon_crap: Belay this request! ;)


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