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I will look into the Captcha.

Re the Similes etc, yes there is a problem - I am looking into it.



Hi!--just arrived here. Thanks for the invite. Seems that many of the graphics here, at least on my computer, are merely a red "X" in a box.  In the "reply" page, all the "smileys" have their "name", but not their image.

Any explanations?


--- Quote from: Litvyak on December 12, 2011, 03:04:40 AM ---
Also, if you don't mind a nitpick? "Sparring" should be spelt with two 'r's.  :D

--- End quote ---

True, but as we've all seen on various forums, some folks do to tend to go 'spare', so Sparing Room would be appropriate.


Yep basically the same issues. The option to listen to the letters works well though. That's how I registered.

Jeffry Fontaine:

--- Quote from: Frank3k on December 12, 2011, 02:53:24 AM ---Only minor issues - the CAPTCHA for the forum registration is really difficult to make out. Once I entered the correct sequence, I got an database error (a timeout error) but I was able to log in.
--- End quote ---

I experienced the same problem myself during the registration process and again while making changes to my member profile to add my avatar and some other tweaks. 


Same thing again while posting this comment.  Had to open a new page and close the original at which point, my comment had been posted.  Certainly odd and hopefully it can be resolved.


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