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Thriftiland - A Nation of Coupon-Cutters

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Logan Hartke:
Some of you may remember my proposal for Geriatria, so here's another along those lines.

Thriftiland!  Yours is a nation of coupon-cutters, penny-pinchers, and spendthrifts.  Some would call you frugal or even miserly, but you just know how to spot a good deal and take advantage of it.  You wait for the sale of the century to come along, then you pounce on it.  You only buy second-hand, from other nation's rummage sales.

So, with the benefit of 20/20 vision, what deals of the last--let's say--30 years would you use to form your military.  These need to be pieces of equipment that were either sold second-hand or at least for sale.  A general rule is low hours, low price.

Here's a few that come to my mind:


* South African Ratels
* Germany's surplus Leopard 2s
* Belgian/Dutch YPR-765s
* Various surplus M109sHelicopters

* German Bo-105s
* US Army AH-1F Cobras
* US Army UH-1
* Italian AB-205/212
* Germany Mi-8/17s
* German Mi-24 Hinds
* Canadian CH-147 ChinooksCombat Aircraft

* USMC A-4Ms Skyhawks
* Kuwaiti A-4KUs Skyhawks
* USAF A-37B Dragonflys
* Czech L-159 ALCA
* British Harriers
* British Sea Harriers
* Belarussian/Czech Su-25 Frogfoots
* Swiss/Jordanian F-5E/Fs
* Moldovan/Czech/German MiG-29 Fulcrums
* Dutch F-16s
* Indian Su-30K Flankers
* USAF F-111G AardvarksSupport Aircraft

* German/Czech L-39s
* Swiss Hawks
* Norwegian/Dutch P-3 Orions
* USN S-3 Vikings
* Israeli E-2 Hawkeyes
* Various C-130E/Hs
* Ukrainian Il-76/78s
So, what are some of the best deals that you can think of?



Two that pop to mind as surplus since 1980 are Vulcan and B-52G.  This if Thriftiland is looking to build its own SAC which aint to thrify to do.  But if they were.........

Logan Hartke:
Neither of those were ever sold or for sale, though.  I'm thinking of the cases like the early retirement of the Harrier that the USMC jumped on and people think, "Wow, they got a steal."  I think that about the Finns buying those Swiss Hawks, too, for example.



OK - got it
Think there would be M-48 and M-60 tanks available.
I remember seeing F-8 Crusaders flying in early 80s.  Maybe there was a time you could make offer on those?

I don't know if they were offered for sale, but if they were, I'd have bitten the RAF's hands off for their Jaguar 98s: they'd just spent the previous 10 years getting them all the upgrades you can think of: avionics, new engines, new weapons.....

Also (again, don't know what was actually offered), I'd have seriously considered ex British Army Chieftains IF there was the option to rebuild them with Chally I engines like the Jordanian Khalids.


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